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Thank you for visiting our website! While security and safety are the first priority for us, we do offer many other services. If you are looking for a particular service that you do not see listed here, give us a call!

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Key in the Lock

Your safety is our first priority

Quality products at affordable prices.

24/7 Monitoring

Fast detection

In an emergency situation, seconds matter. With immediate response time, your local Fire, Police, and EMS services are dispatched to you. Call us to learn more about medical pendants for loved ones with special needs.

Security Alarm Systems

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We provide a wide range of options to suit your home or business. If you just want a basic system to alert you in an emergency, we have you covered all the way to having a smart home or business controlled on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Fire Alarm

Guaranteed Precision

Giving you and your family time to react and get to safety, well placed devices make all the difference in detecting heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide.


Guaranteed Quality

You can't be in two places at once, but you can keep an eye on your home or business with your own surveillance system. Watch from multiple devices.

TV and Sound

Sound and more

From simple surround sound and full home theater to whole house sound, there are many options. To ensure optimal video and sound we only use high quality products.

Access Control

Secured Access

Points of entry for your property, home, or business can be secured through gate access, card reader access, and even fingerprint i.d. access.

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Who We Are

We are a family owned local business located in Blairsville, GA. Growing up here has been a blessing for us, and couldn't dream of raising a family anywhere else. We have always felt a sense of safety within this small town. Times are changing and so is our little town. The time for leaving our doors unlocked is coming to an end. So, we decided that our sense of safety and security should not go with it, and neither should yours. We are proud to provide a customized combination of products to suite your individual needs. We guarantee our commitment and quality, and offer affordable options.

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